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That many of us would like to eat a little healthier each day. To replace those sugary snacks with delicious tasting alternatives using natural ingredients.  I have been interested in clean eating and healthy recipes for as long as I can remember. I started "eating clean" 3 years ago and noticed the increase in my energy levels and my happiness almost immediately.

I decided to explore my passion for healthier food in the kitchen with the goal to create alternative recipes that taste great and which are good for you.  We all need a little sugar once in a while, but I BELIEVE that nature has given us alternatives that taste so much better.  Let's explore some recipes together and see if you agree. x Simone

Simone Olivia


When I was a little girl, people asked me what I wanted to be. My answer then was the same as it is today, I want to help people.  Fast forward a few years and sports and nutrition have become my passion.


Five years ago my hobby became my job.  I started teaching classes at the gym in my home town.  I taught between 8 and 10 classes a week, ranging from yoga, ClubJoy PowerTM , step and a regular boot-camp course.  Training with others and helping them achieve their goals was a reward in itself.  When I moved overseas I had to give up teaching and find new ways to  share my passion for fitness and wellbeing. I love the outdoors and enjoy my workouts best with the sounds of nature all around me.

If I have learned one thing from my years of training others, it's that the best exercise is something that YOU enjoy.  One size does not fit all of us when it comes to maintaining a regular workout program.  Some people love to spend their workouts at the gym while others prefer the fresh air and open trails.  Some find exercise too boring to make the commitment of time each day. I encourage you to reflect on your lifestyle and your personality, and consider what you could be doing to nurture your body's health and wellbeing.


Remember, exercise and healthy eating habits are about maintaining your body, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun along the way.


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